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Countdown to Release… 4… 3… 2…

Countdown to Release… 4… 3… 2…

As we continue our countdown to the public beta release of IVAC2, two more tutorial videos have been added:

ATIS – how to set ATIS with IVAC2.

DCL – issuing IFR clearances using DCL.

There will be a number of live-streams tonight, 02 Jun 2017, starting at 18:00z

Brussels (Filip Jonckers / Jessy Stas)

London (Ian Beswick)

Nordic (Jonathan Hougaard)

Technical Questions/Chat (Ken Andries / Stephen Howarth)



Data Preparation Team Insight

Data Preparation Team Insight

Prior to IVAC2, software for virtual ATC used a single “sector file” for all the sector-specific data to be used and displayed. IVAC2 uses a structured set of files which can be customised to create just about any possible display, with minimal configuration work by the end-user. In order to achieve this, for the last couple of years, teams of people have been hard at work customising the data for use in specific FIRs. Yesterday we launched a new “portal” to make it easier for them to manage their teams and transfer data in to the IVAC2 data repository.

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