Onward and Upward

Onward and Upward

Since the first IVAC2 public beta release on 02-Jun-2017, many of the Terminal2 staff have been taking a much needed break from coding, documenting, testing, planning, and the myriad of other duties that goes on behind the scenes. We recently had a full team meeting, to make plans for the next phase of development.

User Support

Unfortunately it seems that there was a breakdown in communication regarding provision of an online forum for user support. Until yesterday the IVAO IVAC2 beta support forum was only available to former data-preparation team members. However, we are happy to advise that the IVAO IVAC2 ATC Client (beta) – Support Forum is now fully available to all IVAO users.

Users with general technical support questions should now use the IVAO support forum, where Terminal2 staff and DP team volunteers will endeavour to answer questions. Questions that are specific to FIR definitions may be more appropriate to post in divisional forums if available. Obviously bear in mind that IVAC2 is beta software, so some answers will be to advise on features that are not (fully) implemented or where known bugs exist.

We also have a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) in our documents library which users may like to consult.

Next Steps

Obviously we are aware of some limitations, incomplete or missing features, and a few bugs that have been identified in the first public beta release. We will be continuing work on IVAC2, with the expectation of releasing a second public beta around the end of July.
However, as noted previously, many of the features that we wish to include in the ATC software require significant changes to the network infrastructure in order to make them possible. Once infrastructure is updated, the enhancements can be used for other software too, most noteably for pilot connections.
From today, we will be switching some of our technical resources to these other projects in order that we will have next-generation ATC and Pilot clients being developed alongside the infrastructure.
We will be announcing more details over the coming months, including screenshots and videos.
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