IVAC2.0.2 Hotfix Available

IVAC2.0.2 Hotfix Available

We are today releasing an updated “hotfix” which resolves a few issues that have arisen during the last 3 weeks of public testing.

Download by following the Software link above.

Integrated Voice

There have been some problems with IVAO voice servers over the last week, most notably the EU2 server has not been accepting connections but still reporting itself as “available” in the list of servers. This has highlighted a flaw in the logic that IVAC2 was using to automatically connect to the best server: it was coded to use whicher available server had the least number of active connections (in order to load-balance the network as a whole). Unfortunately, that meant it would always try to connect to the non-functioning server with zero connections! The hotfix now fixes this problem, by trying the next-best server choice in case of no response from the first-choice.


We found that some pilot users were having difficulty connecting to IVAC2 voice channels, as the controller had not filed any ATIS… so there was no link to the voice server and channel (which is stored in the first line of the ATIS). IVAC2 will now automatically submit a default ATIS once it has established a voice channel.


We also added an additional text “dot” command:

.pm <callsign> <message>

which will send a private message to any connected user, even if they are out of visibility/communication range.

We have fixed a bug with the .atc command, which was incorrectly trying to send a supervisor-only broadcast to all controllers instead of sending to the ATC com channel.

We also improved the readability of the TXTIN window for incoming ATC channel and guard messages by prefixing them with [ATC] and [GUARD] respectively.


We expect to have a new build around the end of July to include some additional new features.

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