IVAC2 Progress Update

IVAC2 Progress Update

Over the last week we have been working hard to make the final preparations for both the release of IVAC2, and to enable DataPrep teams to be opened-up to new members.


Today we have released a new version of the software for members of the DataPrep teams to test. It includes a number of bug-fixes and improvements, including display of flight-plan routes with support for SIDs and STARs.

The user-manual is currently being proof-read, and we are working on adding short instructional video’s for various features.

DataPrep Teams

Our DP portal now includes integration with Slack, the tool we use to communicate internally within T2, and this will enable us to better communicate with DP team members. It is the final piece of infrastructure needed to enable us to accept new members to join DP teams.

If you are considering getting involved with IVAC2 data preparation, please discuss this with your local division IVAO staff in the first instance, to see whether they are looking for any additional members for their teams. If the airspace you are interested in is not part of an active IVAO division, either contact IVAO ATC operations staff or Terminal2 to discuss the technical requirements. As a minimum, DP members should have a good knowledge of:

  • The airspace structure for which they are interested in preparing data
  • Working with latitude/longitude coordinates for mapping
  • XML data coding

You should also be willing to spend time reading extensive Software Development Kit documentation, looking at details of other FIR data to learn the best practices, and communicating with other DP team members.


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