Data Preparation – Update

Data Preparation – Update

A couple of weeks has flown by since our last Facebook post, during which time we’ve all been hard at work making preparations for the release of the IVAC2 public beta version. Well, actually a few of the T2 team took a short break to squeeze in a visit to the German Flight Simulation Conference in Paderborn last weekend. Here is a quick update on how the data-preparation is progressing…

The Vital Statistics

At the time of writing, the DP portal has registered members from 161 FIRs in 62 different countries. A few countries have a very large number of FIRs, including USA/Canada (31 FIRs combined), Russian Federation (28 FIRs) and China (16 FIRs)… and they have a very large job in preparing their data!


We are aware that some FIR DEFs have had huge amounts of time and effort put in to them over a period of several years; however, others have only recently started to be actively worked-on. It could be that at the date of public release, not all FIRs currently in-progress will be ready for use, and others may only have certain airports/facilities completely usable in IVAC2. Rest assured that all ATC facilities (regardless of whether IVAC2 FIR data is ready) can continue to be controlled in IvAc1 just as they were previously. There is no need for a “big bang” when everybody has to switch from one controlling software to the other, both programs will continue to work side-by-side for the foreseeable future.

Our expectation is that once controllers see the benefit of using IVAC2, it will further encourage new people to invest the time and effort in to preparing data for their preferred facilities so that they can reap the benefit of the new features that IVAC2 offers. Which brings us on nicely to…

New DP Members?

Currently the DP portal is only open for use by people that were previously working on IVAC2 data-preparation in 2015/16; we expect that it will be open to new registrations within the next few days. At that time we will publish a list of which FIRs do not yet have any active members, and also which FIRs have not yet uploaded for them, so that prospective new DP members can get a better idea of where their input might be most appreciated

Each FIR team has a “lead” member, and their role includes approving new members who wish to join the team; only when the lead approves joining the FIR will new members have access to the portal. So if you are considering joining a DP team, please discuss it with your local divisional staff BEFORE applying to the portal.

In the case of FIRs which do not currently have any lead member appointed, local ATC-operations staff or division HQ team will be initially allowed to apply; in the event that an FIR does not have an active staff team, ATC-operations staff from HQ may be able to offer some advice/assistance regarding forming a new FIR team.

We are aware that there are a few people that have already applied to join DP teams that were not previously involved in 2015/16, and unfortunately they cannot be accepted yet. If you have already applied to the portal, then your application will be “on hold” for the next few days until the systems are completely ready for new members.


And to end with, here is a little video of IVAC2 in-operation. Enjoy!

IVAC2 Preview


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